Helping Newborns Sleep Class

What you'll learn:

  • How much sleep your newborn needs and when
  • Feeding schedules
  • How to help your newborn sleep more
  • How to establish healthy sleep habits
  • How to be a sleep detective 
  • How to establish long stretches of night time sleep 
  • How to feel empowered as a parent 

This is a no tears approach to learning about your baby's sleep needs and how to meet them. 

The number 1 goal of the class is how to keep your baby well-rested using methods that you can maintain long term. 



What People Are Saying:

This class has been a game changer. As a second time parent, I knew I didn't want to fall into the bad sleeping habits that I had with my son. I started implementing the teachings of this class at 4 weeks old and the results have been unbelievable! By 2 months she was sleeping 11 hours with 2 dreamfeeds. This class is full of simple tips that make sense and are easy to follow. The way we sleep is learned!

Rebecca Cafiero

$99.00 USD

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